TeKnowMagic Chess

TeKnowMagic Chess

Play chess with three levels of difficulty


  • Different difficulty settings
  • Customisable game board
  • Sound effects


  • Graphics can be quite bland
  • Limited help for beginners


I've recently got back into chess in a big way but last night took a hammering from my friends (despite the fact I'd subsituted one of my rooks for a Dalek from Doctor Who). This prompted me to get some much-needed practice in, so I installed the bizarrely-named TeKnowMagic Chess on my Pocket PC.

The graphics aren't very good but the game itself includes three levels of difficulty and one or two player modes. In addition, it includes options to customise the game board, changing colors environment, activating/deactivating the sound, among other possibilities.

If you're a beginner then don't expect much help from this game, but if you're looking to hone your chess skills and progress in difficulty TeKnowMagic Chess represents a nice way to do so on the bus.

TeKnowMagic Chess is a completely free chess game. The game comes with three difficulty levels of intelligence, sounds, and skins that change the look and color for your board and pieces.

You can choose between 2 predefined skins, of course a skin is just a bitmap so if you look well into the game you could add your own skin...is just as easy as to copy a bitmap file to a folder.

TeKnowMagic Chess


TeKnowMagic Chess

User reviews about TeKnowMagic Chess

  • by Anonymous

    Nicely done!.
    This little chess program works very well. I have tested it on my Mobile 6 and found it to be ver...   More